Meet the Team

US Capital Development is an innovative commercial and industrial real estate development, financing, and construction firm. Our decades of experience, coupled with strategic partnerships and access to capital, allow us to develop world-class real estate solutions for our clients.

Our approach to development emphasizes collaboration and shared value creation. Our funding comes primarily from our principals’ capital and that of aligned partners, allowing us to focus on custom solutions for build-to-suit tenants, self-owned industrial parks like Fenton Logistics Park in Missouri, and speculative development in markets throughout the US where we add value to the community.

USCD is proud to be a first-class corporate industrial and office development firm, with several million square feet of projects currently active across the United States. If you’re looking for a real estate development partner with a deep understanding of logistics, market growth, and real estate needs both macro and micro, get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

  • Scott Sachtleben
    Scott Sachtleben
    Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer
  • David Truetzel
    David Truetzel
  • Scott Haley
    Scott Haley
    Managing Director of Development
  • Dan O’Connor
    Dan O’Connor
    Managing Director of Construction
  • Matthew Stack
    Matthew Stack
    Director of Development and Operations
  • Paige Guempel
    Paige Guempel
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Alex Hazel
    Alex Hazel
    Director of Capital Markets and Investor Relations
  • Kari Cleveland
    Kari Cleveland
    Senior Accountant
  • Andrew Romero Smith
    Andrew Romero Smith
    Senior Financial Analyst
  • Michael Fitzgibbons
    Michael Fitzgibbons
    Senior Project Manager
  • Valerie Springemann
    Valerie Springemann
    Senior Project Manager
  • Nelson Grumney
    Nelson Grumney
    Development Manager
  • Kathy Vance
    Kathy Vance
    Property Manager
  • Jon Petriches
    Jon Petriches
    Project Manager
  • Michael Stephenson
    Michael Stephenson
    Project Manager
  • Charlie Lebens
    Charlie Lebens
  • Ally Stevens
    Ally Stevens
    Project Engineer
  • Andrew Burstadt
    Andrew Burstadt
    Staff Accountant